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Rehoboth Children’s Home is in Nakuru in Kenya. In April 2002 I felt led by the Lord to bless a little girl who was in the crowds of people at an Open Air Meeting I was preaching at in Pondamali Market Square in Nakuru.

Our Mission

The vision is to provide a home for vulnerable and orphan children in Kenya. We are registered as Rehoboth Self-Help Project in Nakuru, Kenya. We aim to fundraise to purchase a building and land to establish a Children’s Home for the street children, and eventually build a school, health centre and church.

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Our Volunteers

The team behind the vehicle of Rehoboth Children’s Home.

Christine Wheatley

Fundraiser & Trustee

Margaret Haughton-James

Margaret has been the charity accountant since its inception. Many charities have a treasurer and Margaret has filled this position and more as an accountant. She manages the finances of the charity and ensures that all appropriate paperwork has been completed.

Apphia Patten

Social Media Consultant
Apphia Patten joined in September 2018 as a Social Media Consultant. Apphia has a BSc in Media & Communications; since university, she helps communities, charities & brands to enhance their social media presence and increase brand awareness. She is dedicated to the cause.

Joan Myers OBE

Founding Director
Joan Myers OBE is the founding director of this charitable organisation. It is a passion of hers to provide support to the needy children in Kenya. Today there are 25 children being fed and sponsored by friends and family who also pay for them to attend school in Nakuru Kenya.


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